Rehab Resources has been leading the way in pediatric rehabilitation in the Midwest for 25 years! We are a therapist owned and operated organization that is focused on achieving superior student outcomes through our core values of performance, compassion and agility.

Advantages of partnering with Rehab Resources for your school district include:

  • Strong student outcomes facilitated by talented therapist and supported by clinical specialists. We have a team of experienced therapists to mentor and support our school therapists to ensure they are at the cutting edge of classroom integration.
  • Seamless integration with your students, faculty team and parents with a strong focus on communication. We adhere to your preferences for documentation of our services and time.
  • Accountability to results through quality assurance, regulatory review and performance evaluation via teacher and parent survey.
  • Guaranteed value as therapists are held to a productivity standard to promote efficiency and eliminate downtime. This keeps your costs down.
  • Reduction of financial impact by eliminating healthcare and benefit costs, insurance premiums, continuing education expenses, and uncertainty of efficient performance.

Contact us to learn more about a partnership with Rehab Resources for your school!