Rehab Resources Star - Quincy
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Rehab Resources Star - Quincy

At Rehab Resources, we like to celebrate success.  Our therapists are excited to work together with patients and their families to create positive outcomes. Today, we would like to highlight some of Quincy's goals and strengths. 


Quincy is a sweet, hard working boy who loves to play, run, sing, and learn.  He brings a smile to everyone he passes!  Quincy recieves out patient PT, OT, and ST at our Ozaukee clinic.  Meet Quincy here!


Meet Quincy

Tell us about yourself and your family.

I am 5 years old and love to have fun.  I have an older brother, DJ, and an older sister, Lexi.  I attend school in Germantown.

What are your favorite things to do at home?   

My favorite activities include jumping on our trampoline, acting out scenes from Moana and the Greatest Showman, playing hide and seek, and singing karaoke.

What do you love to do around town?     

I love to play soccer and play at my friends' houses.  I love taking family bike rides to local parks.

What are your favorite activities in therapy?  

I love going fast in the sensory swing and riding down the ramp on the scooter!

What do you hope to accomplish with the help of therapy?

Therapy teaches me how to do things that come easier for other kids my age. The extra help I get makes it possible for me to learn in the same classroom as my friends and do the things that other 5 year old boys like to do.

Tell us about a recent success story at therapy.       

So many successes!  In speech, I have gotten really good at using my talker to communicate. In PT, I learned hw to peddle and steer a bike. In OT, I learned how to dress myself completely from start to finish - even when my clothes start out inside out!

As our star's caregiver, how has therapy made a difference in your daily life?      

Being able to completely trust the expertise of Quincy’s 4 therapists at Rehab Resources and witness their genuine love for him and desire to do everything possible to help him reach his goals has been an absolute blessing to our family. There’s such a peace that comes in knowing that my sweet boy is in the care of skilled experts who are knowledgeable, experienced, flexible, incredibly kind, and extremely hard working. Additionally, while Quincy is in treatment my other children have the opportunity to meet other kids who have challenges to overcome like their brother and I get to connect with other mommas who are on a similar journey. This awesome place is so much more to us than outpatient therapy.












Congratulations Quincy on all of your hard work in therapy!



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