Sensory Processing – What is it? And How OT can help!

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Did you know our nervous system processes eight (yes, eight!) different senses?  Sensory processing refers to the way in which these senses are registered, and turned into motor and behavioral responses.  We receive these sensations and use them to interact with our environment.  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) occurs when the sensory signals are not registered in the nervous system, or there are inappropriate responses to the sensory input.  Occupational therapists are experts in sensory processing and can help!

Find out what the eight senses are and understand more about sensory processing here! 

The Importance of Core Vocabulary for Language Development

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Core vocabulary is a set of basic words in any language that are used frequently and across environments; mostly pronouns, verbs, descriptors, and prepositions (very few nouns).  Core vocabulary teaches children a variety of word classes and the different ways words can be used to express wants/opinions. We can help children use core vocabulary during daily routines to learn a variety of words and word types!  Core language can be modeled across many settings and situations and is easy to do during simple daily routines! Learn more about how to use core vocabulary in your day-to-day routines to support a child’s communication development!

Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy is the practice of physical or occupational therapy in an aquatic environment.  Your physical or occupational therapist uses the unique properties of the water to work to address your child's needs and work toward their land-based goals.  Some of the benefits of working in the aquatic environment include supporting of body weight at different percentages depending on water depth, increased body awareness and sensory input, strengthening through resistance of moving in water, slowed movement for increased time for balance responses, and motivation!